Sports stars like Luke Hancock (pictured with DSL member Parker McDonnell) come out to enjoy a day of golf with our junior golfers at the Annual DSL Celebrity Golf Tournament.

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  • How can you spread the cheer by giving back? We have five altruistic ideas for the holiday season that just might do the trick.

  • Tutors help students young and old to better their education, improve their skills and gain more success in a field of their choice. Why should you consider becoming a tutor?

  • When a friend or family member gets sick, it’s difficult to see them lay in bed stifling their sniffles and running a fever. What can you do to make them feel better?

  • Focusing on positive thoughts can actually impact your overall health. How, you ask? Today we dive in and see how positive thoughts can make you healthier.

  • When things are busy, wellness often takes a backseat to other priorities. Luckily, today we thought of a couple ways to bring it back to the forefront of your life.

  • While every individual is unique and has their own preferences, there are some general guidelines to follow when interacting comfortably and respectfully with people with disabilities.

  • Paying it forward is a way to spread goodness into the world. If you want to get involved this International Pay It Forward Day, check out these ways to pay it forward.

  • Whether it's a few hours or a long commitment, volunteering not only supports those around you, but positively influences you as well. Here's six ideas to get started.

  • Keep America Beautiful Month is about coming together to give back to our beautiful country. This month, you can try some of these activities to support your community.

  • Despite their age, children can have a powerful impact in the community, if only we encourage them to do so. Here are four reasons kids should start volunteering young.

  • When employers are looking for someone unique, make your resume jump out by adding volunteer experience. How can volunteering boost your job search? We’re going to find out.

  • Give yourself and your loved ones the greatest gift this American Heart Month by focusing on making heart-healthy decisions towards a happier and healthier lifestyle.

  • Our words are powerful, and should be treated with respect. So how do our words impact others, and how can we choose them wisely? Today, we’re going to find out.

  • How can we be kind in times of darkness? Today we’re going to talk about just that, and how we can continue to live altruistically when facing heart-wrenching times.

  • Positivity is key to creating an altruistic lifestyle in the New Year. If you want to start 2017 off on a high note, check out these tips for living a positive life this year.

  • While the gifts in "The Twelve Days of Christmas" may be a little strange by today's standards, you can still celebrate by giving gifts in your community.

  • No matter what holidays you choose to celebrate this time of year, one thing is undeniable: it's the best time of the year to spread some cheer.

  • When we practice mindfulness, we train our brain to refocus on current surroundings, leaving us in a more peaceful and relaxed state. If you want to practice mindfulness, check out these easy steps.

  • What’s the best way to show thankfulness? By giving back to others less fortunate. This Thanksgiving, remember the reason for the season by showing thanks through giving.

  • How do we pay attention to current events while still living positively? Well, today we're going to find out. Check out these tips for how to positively live a positive lifestyle.

  • Gratefulness is not something which comes naturally; it needs practice. If you want to live an altruistic life and practice thankfulness this month, check out these easy steps you can take.

  • Thank you so much to everyone who made this year's Celebrity Golf Tournament and Auction a success. We certainly couldn't have done it without you.

  • "Before leaving for Christmas vacation, President Obama signed a law that allows people with disabilities to open tax-free savings accounts to pay for certain life expenses. Until now, people with disabilities couldn’t do what the rest of us can — set aside money, safe from the IRS, for certain purposes. Before this law, money saved outside a trust account disqualified those with disabilities from Medicaid-based benefits and Social Security.
    The Achieving a Better Life Experience, or “ABLE” Act, dramatically changes that, said Representive Ander Crenshaw, the Florida Republican who fought for it. Its overwhelming passage in the House and Senate shows some causes ultimately defy partisan warfare. The vote was 404-17 in the House; and 76-16 in the Senate, where it was part of a larger tax credit extension bill." Click the link above to read the rest of the article by Joan Vennochi

  • DSL has received a $20,000 Fund for Louisville Capacity Building grant from The Community Foundation of Louisville. This exciting opportunity will allow DSL to implement new data management software which will help us serve our members more efficiently and effectively. DSL’s Lifelong Learning Centers have become centers of excellence in which we employ all our resources as a national model for education, support, and advocacy for the success of children and adults with Down syndrome. The Community Foundation of Louisville’s support will allow DSL to increase capacity and make further progress toward fulfilling our vision for all individuals with Down syndrome to receive the services and resources necessary to reach their full potential.

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